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Getting Bagatto

The Archlinux User Repository

Bagatto is available on Arch Linux via AUR. It can be installed with yay et al.


Bagatto is written in Janet and thus can be installed using the Janet package manager, jpm.

See the Installing Bagatto section of the manual for more details.

Download a Release

Finally, you can download an (experimental) pre-compiled build from this page:

Filename Size Sha256
bag-x86_64-static.v0-3-2.tar.gz 456K 9baaf08e39e6e2e05f3203493cec1595a83904a0343c545526f61b65545e4116
bag-x86_64-static.v0-3-1.tar.gz 456K b874c7a95d3d77caa789f489d14884e877ee38b016f701806bfcf1b868c0b701